Sunday, April 24, 2011

Transcending Moments

Easter celebrates Christ's transcendence from death to life. Transcendence, in the form of redemption, forgiveness, talents, resolve, healing, miracles, charity, hope, and faith forms the cornerstone of Christian belief.

Regardless of one's faith, the world offers unexpected events. Major media tends to focus on disasters, but nature offers daily reminders of hope and transcendence. Looking out the window and seeing the green return after this ice filled winter is one.

An amazing moment caught on film involved an Alaskan lead sled dog. It was chained and eating when a polar bear approached. The dog's owner's heart sank as he anticipated his favorite dog's demise.

Instead, he saw both animals strike a play pose and grabbed his camera.

After 20 minutes, the bear hugged his new friend and lumbered off.

Granted, if the bear was hungry, the result may have differed.

Bear Arms!

Bear Muzzle!

Bear Nuzzle!

Bear Hug!

Bear Down!

Transcending, unexpected, events like this offer hope similar moments can fill our lives, like when we connect with an old friend or see a sunrise, or notice a blooming bud.

Happy Easter!


myswan said...

My Easter morning transcending moment was watching a red-wing blackbird sitting on the bird feeder post singing for a 'Missy" with his brillent red epaulet adding a bight 'splash of color' to a gray foggy morning. My heart was filled with joy!

Happy Easter!


Matt Paknis said...

Thanks for sharing Phyllis.