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Was it a Sign?!

20 years ago this week Linda and I were married. A dubious omen followed. I lost my wedding ring on our honeymoon. We walked to a secluded beach, spread our blanket, and enjoyed each others' company. It was sunny and hot. The ocean was crystal clear, cool, and inviting. The ring fit loose on my finger. I was afraid it might slip off during a swim. It went into my shorts' pocket. It was wrapped and placed safely on the blanket. Not accustomed to wearing my wedding ring, I forgot about it until we reached the parking lot, about a half mile from where we spent these relaxing few hours. We walked back along the low tide line. Soon after, the ocean covered our trail. My heart dropped. My fingers felt no ring in my pocket. My hands rifled through my other pockets. Nothing. Linda looked at me with concern. I was flustered and irate with myself. She was an angel, and is still. She said: "Don't worry, our jeweler can make a duplicate". I was depleted, but a voice