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Why Celebrate Joe Paterno?

Joe Paterno’s self-professed grand experiment, to treat major college football players as regular students, created an impressive legacy of Penn State Student Athletes over his coaching career. Paterno’s public image, highlighted by his blending academic (tweed jackets, ties, oxfords, and khakis) and athletic (white sox and black athletic shoes) attire was embraced by the public. The Joe Paterno I experienced in private as a Penn State graduate assistant football coach was much different. That Joe Paterno was a bully who threatened players and staff, made offensive comments, and twisted bad and manipulative behavior to appear good in the media. Staff and players denounced him. His true behavior, behind closed doors, contradicted his public image. And worse, Paterno’s false appearances, his cognitive dissonance, his power and control, enabled Jerry Sandusky’s evil to flourish. I know. I am a healthy survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). I am a big advocate of what makes tea

How to Thrive Despite Significant Setbacks | Matt Paknis | TEDxBrownU

From the lowest depths there is a path to the loftiest heights." - unknown It was an honor to be nominated by Brown University to offer this TED talk on resiliency. Please click the above title to view the talk. I hope you enjoy it and share it with those it might help. If I can help you, please let me know. Peace, Matt

Is Your Boss an Animal?

Recent witnessed behaviors showed me the best, and worst, in humans and made me think; "some people are like animals!" A CEO threw a dart at work puncturing a worker's foot. This incident was reported. An organization works like a finely tuned machine, reflecting its owner's pride and drive. The workers are grateful for their boss. A manager threw a baseball at work and hit the head of an executive. This incident was reported. A customer stated the workers and owners at a firm were like family. The customer is happy and demonstrates her satisfaction and loyalty by purchasing goods from this firm for over 20 years and made another, recent, $3-million-dollar order. A general manager slapped a subordinate in the back of the head and made this subordinate cry. This incident was reported. Upon being awarded a new $17 billion contract, managers described, with prideful tears, their respect for those they guide who produce the world's most complex and a