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Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Author's Note: Joe Paterno was fired as Penn State's football coach on Wednesday November 9, 2011. Joe Paterno died Sunday January 22, 2012. He was eighty five years old and lived, for most of his life, like a king. My mother received her early death sentence, melanoma in her lymph system, when she was 35. She died when she was 44. I was seventeen. Since then, I've respected the dead and their families, and focus on their contributions and accomplishments when they pass. Thus, I off lined this blog when I learned Joe Paterno died. It's critical of him and his avoidance response when knowing his former prized assistant, Jerry Sandusky, was seen sodomizing a young boy in the Penn State Football Complex showers. I worked with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky as a graduate assistant football coach. I am also a survivor of early childhood assault outside of my home. Multitudes of great football players like Franco Harris, Lydell Mitchell, Jack Ham, Curt Wa