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Is Your Boss an Animal?

Recent witnessed behaviors showed me the best, and worst, in humans and made me think; "some people are like animals!" A CEO threw a dart at work puncturing a worker's foot. This incident was reported. An organization works like a finely tuned machine, reflecting its owner's pride and drive. The workers are grateful for their boss. A manager threw a baseball at work and hit the head of an executive. This incident was reported. A customer stated the workers and owners at a firm were like family. The customer is happy and demonstrates her satisfaction and loyalty by purchasing goods from this firm for over 20 years and made another, recent, $3-million-dollar order. A general manager slapped a subordinate in the back of the head and made this subordinate cry. This incident was reported. Upon being awarded a new $17 billion contract, managers described, with prideful tears, their respect for those they guide who produce the world's most complex and a