Please Help


It was a good year, and let's hope 2008 brings greater treasures.

With this in mind, I'd very much appreciate your help with four inquires.

Job satisfaction and performance is directly linked to one's relationship with his or her boss.

As a result, my clients want strong working relationships. I offer them one on one coaching programs, team development sessions, seminars, retreats, and very well received Practice of Management Certificate of Completion programs. The certificates are granted to successful graduates by either my corporate clients or to my clients through accredited universities. Below please find the related inquiries.

1. I want to expand all my services in 2008, and in particular, the certificate programs. If you know people at organizations wanting to identify, select, and develop their management and leadership talent, I'd greatly appreciate your contacting me in private.

2. The proven tools, theories, and cases my clients use to influence themselves, others, and their organizations is compiled in a Performance Playbook. This information was collected during my playing and coaching days, while being educated, and while working and consulting. Do you have, or see, a need for this information?

3. Associates and I are transferring this information online, to be delivered as blended (self directed and instructor lead) learning experiences through universities, clients, and perhaps to individuals. Are you and the organizations you know familiar with self directed learning? Do you see a need for this application / service to improve management skills and working relationships?

4. What related or specific topics would you like this blog to present this year?

Your public or private feedback is most appreciated.

Thank you and best wishes for a wonderful 2008!




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