The Truth Will Set You Free II

Let's reward the courageous who report and shine a light on bullying sex crimes rather than those who keep it in the dark.

Realize this is divisive, but very much worth discussing.

The facts:
Penn State has paid over $100 million in fines resulting from being found guilty for allowing a known pedophile, Sandusky, to abuse vulnerable boys on Penn State property. Also, it is a fact Paterno, PSU's athletic director, vice president, and president were all found guilty, aware of, and complicit in not elevating and reporting Sandusky's crimes.

It's a fact I experienced Paterno as a bully when I coached PSU's offensive line as a graduate assistant in 1987-1988. I also experienced Sandusky as a goof ball who had no physical boundaries with junior high and high school players who attended PSU Football camps nor with Penn State players. I addressed him about this, as it made me uncomfortable, and he said: "I just love kids".

The facts are Schiano and Bradley both were full time Penn State assistant football coaches during the time court documents prove Sandusky was molesting boys on PSU facilities and some, if not all, full time staff members were aware of these crimes. Court documents state then inside linebacker's coach Joe Sarra entered a meeting, pale as a ghost, when I was on the staff but not at this meeting, after Sarra witnessed Sandusky molesting a boy in the PSU facilities and announced this to the staff. Bradley was on the staff at this time.

It is a fact one of my greatest regrets to date is not being more aware, or trusting my instincts, and reporting Sandusky's crimes in 1986, to stop and prevent Sandusky's pedophilia path of destruction 25 years in advance,when I first interviewed with him and the staff and then worked with him. I never witnessed Sandusky committing any form of sexual abuse or heard of any such crimes while I worked on the staff in 1987 and 1988.

His crimes were beyond my expectation, but not beyond my comprehension. The grad assistant coaches, there for 18 months, were kept in the dark about Sandusky. I suffered the consequences resulting from the acts of a comparable, depraved, predator as a boy. In large part, football and great coaches helped me transcend my horrific start in life.

It's why I chose to pursue coaching as a career upon graduating from Brown, to help others as Coach Monica and Coach Francis and good coaches had helped me. Documents not allowed as evidence in court suggest Schiano and Bradley were aware of Sandusky's crimes and did nothing to stop or report these crimes.

Schiano and Bradley were aware and complicit. Anyone in a role dedicated to developing young men would run, not walk, to the authorities once aware of the factual abusive behaviors Sandusky committed. The staff and administrators were more concerned with keeping these crimes in the dark and allowing these boys to suffer and to be destroyed for the sake of their own careers and the football team's and associated university's reputation.

If we've learned anything from this most vile case of Paterno corruption and Sandusky bullying, it's to err on the side of caution, for the safety and well-being of children, and not for the rights of some coaching applicant with tons of smoke swirling around his resume caused by Sandusky's evil fire.

If they had been strong and true and decent men, they would have intervened and addressed and stopped Sandusky's behaviors. In return, with their coaching talents, they'd have the choice now of any head football coaching job in America.

All they needed to do, and all we need to do, is shed the light.

A child's soul is worth more than all the wins in NCAA Football History. These men lied, they failed to address their own weaknesses, and they were selfish. Check out the Good Book. These behaviors equal evil. Knowingly hiring someone who may have allowed this to perpetuate at Penn State is enabling behavior and absurd.

If Schiano and Bradley did know, they should not be allowed to work near people, much less with young men. If they didn't, too bad. Please consider how one of Sandusky's victims might feel about Schiano and Bradley deserving a second chance or a better shot in life despite Schiano or Bradley failing to offer this right to, or to protect, these survivors.


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