How Maggie Nichols' revelation of Larry Nassar's abuse set her free – to win a national championship

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 Berean Study Bible

Happy Sunday! And Congratulations to Maggie Nichols, crowned yesterday as 2018's NCAA Gymnastics Champion!

Ms. Nichols began the year by revealing she was the first gymnast to report abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team physician convicted of serial sexual abuse, to USA Gymnastics’ leadership three years ago.

She ended the championship meet in triumph, with a string of performances that stamped her as one of the greatest collegiate gymnasts in history!

Below please find the five steps regarded by experts to help abuse victims and targets recover from trauma. These include:

a. Sharing all abusive experiences and secrets with a trusted, licensed / certified, recognized, and proven trauma counselor and, when ready, ultimately going public to expose the abuse and to protect potential targets.

b. Identifying cognitive distortions and irrational mental filters based on fears and criticisms—separating facts, and the truth, from abuse related opinions and false conclusions.

c. Safely integrate the trauma into the past by acknowledging unhealthy and destructive trauma responsive thoughts and behaviors associated with these cognitive distortions and opinions.

d. Choosing healthy cognitive responses and associated constructive behaviors in the moment, leading to positive outcomes and change.

e. Choosing to surround oneself with healthy and good people—honest, selfless, and self-critical who reinforce healthy thoughts and actions leading to positive outcomes.


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